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accumulator charging kits


Whether it’s a piston accumulator, bladder accumulator or something a little different, we’re confident that our team can supply you with what you need to get the job done to the highest quality standard. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hydraulic accumulators, we’re confident we can help you with your requirements. We promise to look after you with our service and competitive prices too!

Christy accumulators can be custom specified to suit an array of applications and our technical team are on hand to provide expert knowledge and knowhow about accumulators to make sure you have the equipment you need to perform the task. Not only can we supply you with new hydraulic accumulators but we can also offer a full repair service to give used accumulators a new lease of life.

We recognise part numbers for most accumulators, including Parker Olaer Fawcett Christie – let us know what you’ve got or what you need and we’ll work around the clock to find you the right solution.

accumulator services


Inspections. Testing. Overhaul. Servicing.

While we’re known for supplying accumulators from new, we’re also on hand to provide you with all of your accumulator inspection and testing needs as well. Whether you have some facility downtime scheduled and you’d like to book us in to complete routine servicing and repairs for all of your pressure vessels or perhaps you have some ad hoc repair work required, just get in touch.

Don’t worry if it’s not an accumulator we’ve supplied you with in the past, our team are well experienced to understand what’s in front of us and the service to best suit your needs.

We ensure to keep downtime to a minimum when testing all elements of your accumulators, understanding downtime costs money. During pressure vessel inspections and repairs we can provide services from stripping paintwork to installing new bladders, complete re-assemblies and finally re-painting as well as testing.

As well as full system inspections and testing, we’re also on hand to provide you with all of your critical spare parts and emergency replacements because it’s always best to be prepared for those times you just can’t predict.

accumulator recertification


Stay safe and compliant.

Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (2000), all hydraulic accumulators over a certain age must be tested to ensure they are safe to stay in operation, it’s a legal requirement to make sure you have the correct documentation and certification in place.

Allow us to take the pressure off yourself and your systems by getting in touch if you need your hydraulic accumulators recertifying. Once we’ve completed all the tests we can provide you with all documentation and certificates to ensure you comply and have done everything required to keep your workforce safe and optimise efficiency. We will also supply test dates for each individual item, ensuring you never miss a date again.


Formerly known as Fawcett Christie Hydraulics, Olaer Fawcett Christie are best known for their gas loaded hydraulic accumulators and oil coolers. With years of experience in the field they are a brand to be trusted and one we’re proud to work with and supply.

Whether you’re new to the brand or have an Olaer Fawcett Christie accumulator already but are in need of a replacement, just get in touch. You can get in touch with our team by visiting our contact page or feel free to give us a call directly on 01926 642071.

You can also browse our range of Christy accumulators and hydraulic accumulator accessories in our online shop, take a look here.


Not sure exactly what a hydraulic accumulator is or does?  Hydraulic accumulators are storage reservoirs where hydraulic fluid that is non-compressible is held under pressure. There are varying types of hydraulic accumulators which include: hydropneumatic, bladder, piston, diaphragm and metal bellows.

Over time hydraulic accumulators may need repairing, recharging or replacing, if this is a service you find yourself needing then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll work together to find the best solution that’s right for you.


It’s not always the main accumulator you need but the smaller accessories that help make your accumulator perform at it’s best. When accumulator accessories are concerned we can help here too, with accessories such as safety blocks, thermoswitches, oil service bladder kits, gas valves, cushioning rings and much much more.

Discover our range of hydraulic accumulator accessories here in our online shop but don’t let that stop you giving us a call or sending us an email if you feel you’d like some extra support.


While hydraulic accumulators is one way we can help, that’s not all. We have a team ready to offer advice and support with any of your other hydraulic requirements. Whether you need off the shelf hydraulic items such as filters and valves or new hydraulic pumps, cylinders and oil coolers, we’re confident we’ll be able to supply you the hydraulic products you need but that more importantly get the job done.

But that’s still not all…while we can supply brand new off the shelf items, we can help with hydraulic repair work too, maybe you have a hydraulic ram that needs some attention, just let us know what work you need doing and let us focus on the rest.

If you’re still not 100% sure if we can help or would just like some advice on something like flow and pressure applications then give us a call, drop in for a coffee or drop us an email.