Quality Management Systems Standard

We are proud to announce achievement of accreditation to the latest revised Quality Management Systems Standard ISO 9001:2015. Following months of rigorous examination of our procedures and performance relating to risk management, leadership and customer satisfaction this prestigious certificate is a true testament to our... CONTINUE READING

Award Winning Cover

We are pleased to announce that we have recently won the Catalogue Cover Design of the Year at the FTUK Pioneers of Industry Convention. The design was inspired by our involvement in the Lady Godiva that travelled to London, representing Coventry in the 2012 Olympics.... CONTINUE READING

Catalogue Award

The catalogue award received at Flowtechnology Convention in Villamoura (image attached) inspired by our involvement in Godiva Awakes we used the powerful silhouette of Godiva on her horse to connect our catalogue to our central location in Coventry and connected it to the broad range... CONTINUE READING