No matter the product or service you need, we’ll always work hard to help you with what you need.

Automotive production line


Surrounded by automotive manufacturers in the heart of the Midlands, we’re extremely proud to have supported the Automotive industry with all kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic services. We value each and every business we work with and have become a one-stop-shop for many of our automotive customers, helping with the smallest of fasteners in the thousands to one off hydraulic accumulators.

Whether you’re looking for a hydraulic supplier to provide servicing support or someone who can reliably source the products you need, don’t be afraid to get in touch and we promise our team will be ready and raring to support you.

Plastic push in fittings


No matter the complexity of the task in hand, we’re always on the end of the phone, ready to help source the products you need. You might be in need of hundreds or maybe thousands of fasteners, Unbrako or perhaps Zinc plated, whatever the size, material or quantity it is that you need all you’ve got to do is ask.

There is no end to the products we can support you with in the Automotive industry such as push-in fittings, conveyor systems and industrial hose suitable for all kinds of applications including chemical, water and oil too!

If you’re still not sure if we can help you, it’s as easy as picking up the phone, pinging us an email or dropping in to see us. Ask us as many questions as you like and we’ll make sure we find the right solution for you.

automotive metal door production


As well as our wide offering of products such as hydraulic pumps, pneumatic valves and accumulators, we’re also well practised at supporting our existing automotive customers with an array of services too!

Whether your metal stamping door frames or working on the production line you never know when you might need our support, that’s why we are always here to be called upon. We’ll help you all the way whether it be installing, servicing or repair work on hydraulic power packs, presses, cylinders or your pneumatic ring main systems.

With no end to the ways we’re able to help you, know where we are if you need our help.

Hydraulic Cylinders


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