Valves in Engineering

Engineering is a vast and complex field, encompassing many different disciplines and applications. One area of engineering that plays a critical role in many industries is valve engineering. Valves are essential components in many systems, from pipelines to industrial processes and choosing the right valve... CONTINUE READING

Parker Olaer LAC Air Oil Coolers

Welcome to our latest blog, we’re going to be taking a closer look at some of the oil coolers available Parker Olaer and giving a quick breakdown on what they do and which applications they serve. As always, if you have any questions or sales... CONTINUE READING

Steel Ball Valve Types

Quality Ball Valves from Christy Hydraulics When you’re looking for ball valves, look no further than Christy Hydraulics. As one of the UK’s biggest suppliers, we stock valves from many of the world's leading manufacturers, and you can find them all on our easy to... CONTINUE READING

Here to Serve, Here to Support, Here to Deliver

Still Here For you We are open for business as usual; however we are operating remote workers where possible and we are still implementing the following precautions to reduce/ eliminate contact in an effort to support you whilst preventing the risks at the same time.... CONTINUE READING

Working Round the Clock to Develop our Ventilator

Since first creating a ventilator actuator prototype less than a week ago, we are joining the efforts once again to fight against hashtag#covid19. Still working around the clock we have now developed our ventilator to the stage you will see in this latest video. We... CONTINUE READING

Hydrogen Peroxide Surface Disinfectant Generator

Over the last few months, we have been working to try and help support in the fight against Covid-19 with innovative products and solutions. We have designed and built a prototype ventilator, sourced oxygen sensors and PPE equipment as well as offering immediate support to... CONTINUE READING

Ventilator Designed by Christy Engineering Solutions

Over the last few days we have been turning our engineering skills to a different task, designing and making a ventilator. These machines are so important now more than ever and we have a solution that we believe can help those desperately in need of... CONTINUE READING

Huge Discounts on Eagle Pro & Tonglift

Scroll on the Right of the image to view the great prices, while stocks last, alternatively open up the PDF in a new window Christy-Eagle-Pro-and-Tong-Lift-Flyer-2020Download

Rectus series 26 updated design

The Rectus Series 26 (brass material) from Parker has been upgraded to a technically improved version which will start to replace the current design as stocks are replenished. This new design has a lower connecting/ disconnecting force which allows the user to operate with less... CONTINUE READING