Electric actuators that deliver precision when it’s needed most.

rotork electric actuator


You may be wondering, what is an electric actuator? What does an electric actuator do? Where would an electric actuator be used? Look no further as here you’ll find electric actuators explained…

For those types of jobs that require precision better than the human hand, electric actuators are your best friend. Industries such as food and beverage make use of electric actuators for robotic jobs such as labelling, filling and even milking as they can be relied on for their accuracy to get the job done perfect first time. Gluing, riveting and welding are also methods known to have been performed using an electric actuator by the automotive industry – it makes you wonder what else they can be used for doesn’t it?

Well known for delivering the required force with plenty of precision there are different types of eletric actuators to choose from including linear and rotary actuators.

If you want to find out anymore about electric actuators then don’t be afraid to get in touch as we are always happy to share our knowledge with you.

rotork electric actuator


Rotork’s reputation is second to none, with a strong background in engineering and application, they have an unrivalled level of experience which they use to meet and exceed customers requirements.

With over 60 years experience, this once small company in the West of England has grown to become the world’s leaders in the design and manufacture of industrial valve actuators and control systems. Their tools are now used in a number of sectors, including water & sewage, power generation, marine and many more.

With their innovative research and development activities, they are always looking to solve new challenges which helps us to help you.

We recognise that there is always a need to be open about the brands you use, that’s why we can supply you with alternative brands to Rotork Actuators such as Norgren or others you have taken a liking to, just let us know!


Our previous actuator supplier let us down badly. These parts were failing prematurely and the refurbishments were proving sub-standard. Support was not forthcoming. We found we had two test systems down and all our spares failed commissioning. I approached Christy Hydraulics for a suitable replacement to be delivered as quick as possible.

Christy Hydraulics identified a suitable alternative to the actuator we had installed. They also arranged for the lead time to be halved by the supplier in response to our needs. I ordered 2 initially to get the test cells up and running in time and set up an order for more spares. We have since installed another 5 and in just over a year have up-fitted 44% of our valves, replacing the old actuator with this new part. We have plans in place to upgrade the rest as they fail.

The part identified has proven to be a great asset. They were able to negotiate a quick lead time with their supplier and delivered as promised. The part was easy to install and setup. The actuator is easily configured to match our speed and accuracy requirements and is a big hit with the operators. These parts have been in active use for close to 12 months now and so far have exceeded all expectations.

– Senior Laboratory Operations Engineer, Power Systems Industry


The work of Christy Hydraulics to identify and supply a replacement valve actuator at short notice was phenomenal. We had two systems down and all spares had failed. They responded to this need by sourcing a replacement and cut the supplier lead time in half to get us back up and running as soon as possible. The replacement has gone on to exceed all expectations and become the standard for our plant.

Senior Laboratory Operations Engineer