Made to order hose assemblies or reels of hydraulic hose, we can help you.

Hose assemblies


Decades of experience in hydraulic hose assemblies allows us to deliver world class work you can trust. Always happy to find solutions that work for you, we can custom design and build hydraulic hose assemblies that meet your bespoke requirements and challenging demands within your industry, from those of you working in high-production plants to agriculture or even marine.

If you’re local and in need of a quick turnaround then pop by our offices based in Kineton, Warwickshire and one of our highly skilled engineers can assemble your hose while you wait. Or, if you’ve got a bit more time on your hands then send your custom hose assembly requirements to us in advance and we can have your hose ready to collect or delivered to your door, you choose!

Alternatively, take a look on our online shop to find a whole host of hydraulic hose, fittings & assemblies. Visit our shop here.

Quality Manuli Hose


Dedicated to providing our customers with only the very best, that’s why we are official distributors of Manuli hose and fittings. Let us know what hydraulic application you require your hose for and we will make sure you are supplied with the most premium of products that are up to the job.

While we can supply Manuli hose and fittings we understand it’s not for everyone, sometimes you like what you like and want to stick to what you know. With this in mind just let us know if you have a preferred brand perhaps Parker, Goodyear or even Eaton Aeroquip and we promise to deliver a solution for you.

No matter what type of hydraulic hose or hose fittings and adapters you require, we’ll be able to help. You name it, we’ll find it – braided hose, spiral hose, PTFE hose, inverted cone-end fittings, just give us a call.

Hydraulic Hose Fittings


Before leaving the building all of our hose assemblies are internally cleaned, each swage is thoroughly checked and all results are documented in our hose assembly record, logging all vital details.

All ferrules are scribed with a unique serial number as part of our Quality Management System but what does this actually mean? If you ever you need to order a replacement or duplicate hose in the future then simply give us a call and give us the unique serial number on the ferrule, it’s really that easy! From there it’s up to us to do the rest, you just need to let us know where to deliver them.

If you would like specific details adding to the hose assembly, perhaps cure date, recommended shelf life or rubber classification date then just let one of our team know and we can ensure this is added.


Have you ever wanted to check the safety of your hoses on site but never been sure who to call? Our engineers will happily attend your site and complete a survey of every hose you own, creating a hose safety report specific to your site, from there we can work with you to put together an action plan to ensure the health and safety of all staff is upheld.

No pressure. It’s important to us that we look after your staff like they are our own, if hoses are deemed in need of replacement or additional safety measures are suggested we can help you source the right solution whether it’s from the catalogue or a custom build soltuion is needed. Alternatively, if nothing poses a risk we’ll let you know, we’re just happy to help!

For those needing a little extra protection we have a full range of hose sleeves, guarding and whip checks which will ensure all hoses on site are operating to the safest possible standard and specification. It’s a win win, extend the life of your hoses and protect your workforce at the same time!


Whether you get through lorry loads or boot full amounts of hydraulic hose we can supply you with consignment stock to help take the hassle out of small orders. Order reels of hydraulic hose or bulk loads of hose fittings, whatever your preference, we can help!

Let us know if you would like support with your hydraulic hose, fittings and adpaters consignment stock and we will get in touch to discuss how we can help you specifically.

Hydraulic hose shop


Have you ever thought about setting up your own hose assembly centre but just don’t know how or lack the skills to be able to do it yourself? Although we can supply you with complete hose assemblies we are also happy to show you how to do it yourself, saving you time but more importantly teaching you skills you didn’t have before.

Our skilled team of engineers can help you every step of the way, we can supply you with all the equipment and materials needed as well as providing on-site training – your site or ours you decide, we might even treat you to lunch! After completing your training we’ll also provide you with a certificate so you can show off to everyone you know and be confident in your new found venture.

Don’t worry though, once you’re all set up we won’t just leave you in the dark, give us a call for support or order your materials directly from us to you can keep well stocked and well trained.