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Calpeda Hydraulics

Calpeda Hydraulics

Founded by pioneer, Vinicio Mettifogo, Calpeda is committed to studying, developing and manufacturing high-quality pump systems. This early ethos of being leaders in their field and producing quality pumping systems has continued and is still very much at the heart of everything they produce. 

Calpeda in the UK

Calpeda was first introduced to the British market over 40 years ago by Ken Hall and David White. At that time, all Calpeda products were sold by two distributors. In 1995 Calpeda proposed the idea of creating a company directly controlled by Ken and David, and the rest as they say is history.

Quality Assurance

As you would expect, Calpeda now supply products across the world, covering many types of industrial and commercial sectors through their capillary network and business platforms. 

As a company, they take an extremely proactive approach to their business and are known for their strong expansion program which has seen them increase sales and allowed them to invest heavily in their after-sales services. In fact, after sales is one of their strong points due to their team of highly skilled engineers. 

Products and Components 

How can Calpeda guarantee such quality in their products and components? Very simple, they develop each and every component in-house to grant the maximum quality and best performances. In addition to this, every product undergoes full production testing to verify its quality standard. 

As you can see, Calpeda is a company built on history, experience and being leaders within their field. If you’re interested in finding out more about Calpeda pumping systems, please give our friendly team a call today.