High Quality Pumps and Pumping Systems


Calpeda is a leading manufacturer of pumps and pumping systems for a wide range of applications. The company has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality products that deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

One of the key selling points of the Calpeda brand is their wide range of pump offerings. They offer a wide range of pump types such as submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, and self-priming pumps, as well as a diverse range of applications, including water supply and irrigation, waste water and sewage treatment, and many more. This allows them to provide solutions for a wide variety of industries and specific needs.

Another key selling point is their focus on efficiency and sustainability. Calpeda pumps are designed to be energy-efficient, which helps reduce operational costs for customers and also helps to decrease environmental impact. Additionally, their pumps are built to last, with robust designs and high-quality materials that ensure longevity, even in demanding environments.

Calpeda is also dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support. They have a global network of sales and service partners that can provide customers with on-site support and training, and their team of experienced engineers is available to provide expert technical assistance and help customers find the best solutions for their specific application.

In short, Calpeda is a reputable brand in the field of pumps and pumping systems. With a wide range of products, a focus on efficiency and sustainability, and great customer service, Calpeda is a reliable partner that can help customers increase the efficiency and performance of their pumping systems while also reducing their environmental impact.