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Hydraulic Tools For Industrial Applications

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Eagle Pro

Eagle Pro Industrial Tools is an expert manufacturer of hydraulic tools for a variety of industrial applications, and we’re proud to have partnered with them. Founded in 1996, in the Pacific Northwest (USA), Eagle Pro has rapidly expanded and now has 4 facilities worldwide.

As you’d expect, Eagle Pro Industrial Tools are synonymous with quality, all their hydraulic products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 – an internationally recognised quality assurance program. All Eagle Pro Cylinders also at least meet or often exceed ANSI B30.1 standards. In order to attain this it involves consistent observations, administration, management and manufacturing. The end result is customers get hydraulic products that are highly reliable, dependable and, above all, manufactured to the highest standards. 

Eagle Pro Cylinders

Across Eagle Pro’s range of cylinders, they have a variety of series, each offering different features which cater to the needs of all kinds of industries.
ES Series: Single acting general purpose cylinders, featuring hardened steel construction to make them highly durable
ESL Series: Single acting low height cylinders, ideal for confined spaces thanks to their flat design
ESA Series: Single acting aluminium cylinders, designed to be resistant to wear and corrosion as well as being easy to carry due to their lightweight design
ESH Series: Single acting hollow cylinders, allows for both pushing and pulling thanks to the carefully designed hollow piston design
EDH Series: Double acting hollow cylinder, highly durable and allows for pushing and pulling forces
ED Series: Double acting cylinders, produces both fast yet controlled retraction
EDLL Series: Double acting lock nut climbing cylinders, a low-profile designs makes this ideal for confined spaces
ELL Series: Pancake lock nut cylinders, great for small spaces due to the flat design
ESX Series: Single acting high tonnage cylinders, high in strength means this series achieves maximum durability
EDX Series: Double acting high tonnage cylinders, easy to carry but high in strength and durability
EL Series: Single acting lock nut cylinders, reduced wear and tear due to hardened chrome piston design
ESP Series: Pull cylinders, quick reaction times due to heavy-duty straight pull return springs

Eagle Pro Pumps

Eagle Pro’s range of pumps includes a variety of series, including:
EPA Series: Double speed hand pumps, machined from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium these are extremely durable and reliable
EPC Series: Air hydraulic pumps, features an efficient pump and heavy duty air motor
EPD Series: Gas hydraulic pumps, ideal for working even in the most remote of locations
EPB Series: Electric pumps, provides top performance and reliability when needed

Eagle Pro Jacks

Eagle Pro’s range of jacks span across 3 different series, including:
ECRK Series: 4 Ton and 10 Ton collision repair kits; quick and easy to assemble and dissemble
ETJ Series: Toe jacks, designed to lift loads with very minimal clearance, ideal for confined spaces
EBJ Series: Bottle jacks; chrome components to increase rust resistance

eagle pro jacks

Eagle Pro Accessories

As well as a wide selection of products across the Eagle Pro portfolio, they have a selection of accessories to support the industry. These accessories include, quick couplers, manifolds, high pressure gauges and even high pressure hose. We’re proud to work with Eagle Pro and bring their product portfolio to you.


As a family run company, we’re continuing to grow and with that includes the brands we bring to you. If you have a need for any of Eagle Pro’s hydraulic or industrial tools, get in touch with our team to discuss. We can talk through the application with you before getting the best prices and lead times possible. Get in touch and know you’re in safe hands.