GRUNDFOS Magna Pumps

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Grundfos MAGNA Pumps

If you’re looking for a water solutions company that sets the standard for innovation, reliability and sustainability, then look no further than Grundfos. As one of the leading pump companies in the world, Grundfos help to provide everyone from villages to skyscrapers with drinking water, and also specialise in the treatment and removal of waste water.

Grundfos MAGNA Circulator Pumps

The circulator pumps within the Grundfos MAGNA family are characterised by intelligent frequency converters and permanent magnet motors and are typically used in commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, office buildings etc to circulate potable hot water or hot water within heating systems. They also feature variable speed operations that allows them to respond to the varying energy demands on the system.

Grundfos MAGNA range of products and variants, covering a massive 28 different models with flows ranging from between 1 -393/h 

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