Lower Pumps UK

Economical and High Quality pumps


If you are looking for a brand that provides economical solutions for circulating clean water, contaminated water or pumping, then Lowara is amongst the best on the market. It’s for this reason why Lowara is our go-to brand when our agriculture customers are looking for agriculture and irrigation solutions. 

Nowadays you will also find Lowara pumps in everything from public utilities, aquaculture, agriculture, mining and many more. At Christy Hydraulics, Lowara is primarily used by our agricultural customers if they are looking for a pump or water handling system that is tough and reliable. 

Efficient Pumps from Lowara

As an industry, Agriculture uses over 70% of the world’s water, which is why the experts at Lowara are trying to make it more efficient with their range of products.

Their pumps and other water handling systems have been designed to irrigate every part of your field and withstand the harshest of environments. Their experience, mixed with their customer focused approach, means that they listen, learn and adapt to the local environment which enables their customers to thrive in all parts of the world.

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