Oilgear Towler

Experts in Pumps and Fluid Power Solutions

When you’re looking for the latest pumps and fluid power solutions from Oilgear Towler, look no further than Christy Hydraulics. With one of the biggest selections to choose from online and in the UK, you won’t find a better choice elsewhere.

Oilgear Towler

For anyone that relies on high-performing fluid power solutions, Oilgear Towler have been professing their knowledge in the industry since 1921. From hydraulic valves and hydraulic pumps to subsea pressure control solutions, manifolds and control valves Oilgear are known for solving problems with quality. 

Supporting the toughest of industries such as Industrial, mobile and Sub Sea, they are well experienced in having the solutions to your challenges. No matter where you find yourself, they have the ability to help. Being an international company means Oilgear Towler have service, manufacturing, engineering and training capabilities around the world. 

Oilgear Towler products – how can they help?

To the depth of the earth and far out in space, Oilgear Towler have been known to help in all kinds of situations. Whether it’s a pump you need, perhaps a Fixed Displacement pump or an Injection and Catalyst Pump or maybe you need a high-pressure valve, Oilgear Towler has years of knowledge about how best to help.

As an official distributor of Oilgear, we’re always on hand to support you in your search for all things Oilgear, just get in touch.