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hydraulic oil coolers and heat exchangers


Off the shelf or something more specific, count on us to help you source what you need. Hydraulic oil coolers and heat exchangers from renowned manufacturers such as Parker Olear, Bowman, Emmegi and Hydac can all be found within our portfolio of products.

Our expert team can offer products, advice and support for your businesses bespoke requirements, why not request a visit from one of our engineers so they can meet you onsite and take a look at your system requirements. Not only will we support you with finding the product you need and the one that’s right for the job, we’ll make sure you’re looked after with our after sales support and servicing.

Did you know that overheating ranks number two in the list of most common problems with hydraulic equipment. In case you were wondering…leaks rank number one!

Fawcett Christie PWO Oil Cooler


With years of experience in both Hydraulic Coolers and Accumulators, Parker Olaer is a brand to be trusted. Originally two separate UK companies Fawcett Engineering and Christie Hydraulics became part of the Olaer Group in 1987, becoming Fawcett Christie Engineering. Expansion over the next 25 years and the establishment of the dedicated Accumulator and Cooler division in 2012 means industry knowledge is at the core of all Christie Coolers.

Olaer Fawcett Christie Coolers as well placed to support a number of industries such as Industry, Marine & Offshore and renewable energy businesses such as Wind Power. Dependant on your needs, the range of Christy coolers offers solutions for applications requiring air blast coolers or water coolers. Whether you’re looking for a more mobile cooler range like the LDC air blast coolers or something more compact like the PWO water cooler, we’re here to offer advice and source you the Christy Cooler that’s right for the job.

Find our range of Olaer Fawcett Christie Coolers here in our online hydraulics catalogue.


One way to reduce the temperature within hydraulic systems is with the use of air. Did you know that air cooled hydraulic oil coolers dispel heat by forcing cold air over hot fluid found inside a heat exchangers coil or core. Often known for their low running costs this type of cooler is simple to maintain too!

Do you want to know another benefit of air cooling systems? The use of air eliminates any water contamination issues and corrosion. Something else to consider when looking at an air cooling system is their size as they are often larger than water-based versions as well as needing ventilation and clean air too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about air cooling systems then get in touch with our team.


If you’re looking for a hydraulic cooling system that uses another method other than air then we can support you in finding the water cooling system that’s right for you. Water cooled hydraulic oil coolers are extremely efficient and perform their job by circulating cold water through the heat exchanger at the same time hydraulic oil is also being circulated, the water cooling system works by carrying away heat from the oil.

Not only are water cooling systems very efficient, they often have low upfront costs and are both quiet and compact. These types of systems are also affected very little by the temperature of the air, having little to no effect on the cooling capacity, perfect if you are looking for a high level of consistency.

If this sounds like something you’re looking for then don’t be afraid to give us a call to discuss your requirements or search for fresh water and sea water options in our online catalogue.