Universal Accumulator Charging Kit – Olaer Fawcett Christie

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Call or email us about this Product.

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Product Description

Each unit contains: A tester and pressurizer with manometer, return valve on the charging hose connection, built-in release valve, valve spindle for opening the gas valve or screw plug, one 2.5m charging hose, connections for the accumulator including: 7/8” – 14 UNF, 5/8” – 18 UNF, 0.302” – 32 UNF, M28 x 1.5, 1/4” BSP and a plastic protective case.

Maximum permitted operating pressure: depending on manometer, max. 400 bar!

The pre-charge tester and pressurizer are used for the charging of bladder, piston and membrane accumulators with nitrogen, and for testing or changing the pre-charge pressure. The instrument is suitable for OLAER Fawcett Christie accumulators with ⅝ “ and ⅞ “ stem valves, Schrader valves or screw plugs


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