Similarly to the high force hydraulic tooling used when stressing, tensioning and tooling, we work well under pressure to bring you results when they matter most.

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Demanding environments call for high force hydraulics that can withstand the high pressure tasks in hand. No matter the industry, we understand that high force hydraulic tools need to be reliable and robust, there’s no room for error. That’s just one of the reasons we work around the clock to get you the best lead times.

Hydraulic tools is a broad category but the depths of our knowledge is also broad and enables us to support you with all of your high force hydraulic needs. Whether your project is in need of high force hydraulic cylinders that can withstand 700 bar or you need jacks to aid in lifting applications, we’ve got your high force hydraulics covered.

As a hydraulic tooling supplier we’ve supplied a variety of hydraulic tools into industries such as rail, defence & aerospace, and construction – don’t let that stop you from getting in touch, if there is a need for high force hydraulics we’ll supply the solution.

We’re proud to be able to offer some of the very best brands in the high force hydraulics field, including Eagle Pro and Enerpac.


Prestressing is a process that happens to introduce a force of compression to concrete with the purpose of counteracting the pressure that will eventually be applied to the load. The process is commonly done in two ways; pre tensioning and post tensioning.

Pre tensioning as the name suggested happens before the concrete is cast. This is achieved by putting steel tendons in place before the concrete is cast. Once the concrete has set to the desired strength, the tendons can be released which applies a compression force. Now this process has happened the concrete will permanently maintain the prestressed strength.

On the other hand, post tensioning as you may have guessed applies to compression force once the concrete has been cast. Similarly, this is achieved by placing steel tendons in the chosen profile. Once placed in position the steel tendons are stressed and locked in place with anchors. This act applies a force of compression to the concrete which allows the concrete to achieve a prestressed strength.

Find out more below about some of our hydraulic pumps and stressing jacks which support your pre stressing needs.


What’s the difference between the two? Put simply, tensioning is the stretching of a bolt while torquing is the measurement of a turning movement.

Torquing when in practice stretches a bolts material when the nut is turned using tools such as a torque wrench. When the nut is turned it creates a tension where the bolt acts as a clamping force over the thread, bringing the components together and retaining the tension created. Torquing is often cheaper than when using tensioning equipment as well as being more versatile and easier to use. However, if more accurate precision is needed then tensioning is the route to take. If torquing is your chosen route then as well as manual torque wrenches, we also supply hydraulically powered torque wrenches whether that be by battery, electric driven pump or air.

Tensioning tools are different in that they pull the bolts threads, stretching it and lifting the nut allowing the nut to be rotated with a very little amount of torque. Bolt tensioners would be the ideal tool to perform this task. When tensioning, the tension is created by the bolt wanting to turn back to it’s state before being stretched creating a clamp which keeps the joint together.

Get in touch to get support in supplying your torquing and tensioning tools.

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Hydraulic jacks perform under pressure by the very nature of their use, that’s why we like to ensure we supply only the very best from brands such as Eagle Pro.

If you have a need to lift then we have many different types of hydraulic jacks which can suit your need including: bottle jacks, toe jacks, floor jacks and scissor jacks. We can cater for a wide range of options, all dependant on the environment you need to work in. If you find yourself needing to work in confined spaces then we also have compact hydraulic jacks to suit the job.

For some support in choosing the right hydraulic jack at the right cost and lead time, get in touch with our team for some guidance.


Put simply all of the high force hydraulic bolting systems we supply are there to ensure industrial bolting and is made safer for all involved.

To name a few of the bolting solutions we can supply include: hydraulic torque pumps, flange spreaders, torque wrenches, nut splitters, bolt tensioners and torque tools whether that be manual, battery operated, pneumatic and even electric.

The wide range of bolting solutions we offer means we can all kinds of applications covered, whether you’re looking to replace old bolting solutions to maximise safety or starting a new project and need some expertise as to the best solutions, our supportive team are on hand to answer your bolting solutions questions.

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While we also offer new and repair services for hydraulic rams, we are also proud to supply high force hydraulic cylinders. Our range of high force hydraulic cylinders is vast as we cater for cylinders that require different stroke length, material and capacity. Many of the high force hydraulic cylinders we supply are made from high strength alloy steel and are hardened which reduces wear and corrosion over time.

All of our high force hydraulic cylinders go up to 700 bar maximum working pressure, meaning they really do know how to work under pressure. We can supply a range of high force hydraulic cylinders for all kinds of applications, the cylinders include single acting, double acting, pancake lock nut cylinders and pull cylinders.

Just one of the top brands we supply is Eagle Pro, find out more about their high force hydraulic cylinders range here.

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As well as all of the above high force hydraulic equipment, we also supply smaller but necessary high force accessories. These accessories can vary but we can supply accessories such as pressure gauges, made from stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and made to last. We also supply male and female quick connects, hydraulic valves and high pressure hydraulic hoses.

If you’re not sure if we can supply the high force accessories you need for your job, just get in touch as we’re almost certain we can supply whatever you need.

We’re always on hand to provide support, simply supply what you need or suggest equivalents that might be on a shorter lead times that would get you through.

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Hydraulic pumps come in so many operating forms and materials. You can get pumps operated by either your hand or foot, manual or battery operated pumps, air hydraulic pumps and gas hydraulic pumps. The pump really depends on the job at hand but that’s where we can help!

Our years of experience supplying hydraulic pumps to customers means we’re well equipped to not only supply the hydraulic pump but advise if you’re not too sure or simply want some alternative options. You might find yourself needing to move the hydraulic pump around site with you, that’s where our years of experience would allow us to offer the best real world advise and offer a solution which is easy to carry and light to move around.

Get in touch for support of just supply of your hydraulic pumps.